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One of the most clever songwriters and quick-witted live comedians in the business... with his high speed, low-drag act that constantly changes and evolves, Pat has such strong material and improv skills, no two shows are ever the same... not even close.
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The Eddie Money Button

Eddie Money did our show, WMMR’s Morning Zoo, in the early 90s and was such a guy’s guy, down to earth, charming interview subject, albeit a little rough around the edges. He regaled us with tales from the road and took great delight in shocking us with his Rock-N-Roll debauchery. The night before, after his show, he told us he got in a bit of trouble and woke up without his watch, but wouldn’t tell us how. He hinted someone may have rolled him or he traded it for “something”. He kept us guessing with that crooked smile of his and said, “I’d better be careful what I say, my wife may be listening.” 

I would always have a guitar and piano handy and our lead guy, John DeBella, coaxed a cigarette raspy, hungover, missing his watch Eddie Money into singing at 7 am and It took a lot of begging on our part, but he finally caved in. During the break, Eddie, asked if I would play the acoustic guitar on “Two Tickets To Paradise” and he would play piano. We were rehearsing during the break and Eddie didn’t realize we had come back on the air and says to me, “Hey, kid, when you get to the chorus, really hit that FUCKING guitar and don’t leave me hanging here with my DICK in my hands.” (I put fuck and dick in caps because he shouted both expletives for emphasis) We never worked with a dump button or 7 second delay and DeBella, aghast for a beat or two, says, “We’re here on the show today with Eddie Money as part of our Christian programming requirement.” Eddie, big goofy twisted smile, never acknowledged his cursing and then launched in to a blistering version of his iconic hit, and I didn’t leave him fucking hanging with his dick in his hands. 

The next day, our General Manager, Mike Craven, got got us that 7 second delay device and we called it the “Eddie Money” button. R.I.P., Eddie Money

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