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One of the most clever songwriters and quick-witted live comedians in the business... with his high speed, low-drag act that constantly changes and evolves, Pat has such strong material and improv skills, no two shows are ever the same... not even close.
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Jimmy Says, “Xièxiè!”

IMG_0248Out of the blue, Jimmy started talking fake Chinese to the Asian lady at our local takeout place, Jing Fong, and it got weird (judging by the stern look on her face). Halfway through his “Ching chong, gung ho, wing wang”, I stopped him and asked her to please teach him how to say “Thank you” in Chinese. She smiled and said, “It’s
” (pronounced si si), and Jimmy repeated it perfectly. The Asian Lady gave us a slight bow, we took our food and left (conflict resolved). When we got in the car, he asked me why I stopped his talking, and I said, “I know you were trying to make me laugh, but you were about to get a Chinese star to the face.” Jimmy goes, “Well… xièxiè for saving me.”

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