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On the shipShow night ritual: French press coffee with grass fed butter, coconut oil and Xylitol, Neti Pot the sinuses, brush teeth, shave, put on reading glasses and pluck or trim errant ear or eyebrow hairs, steamy shower, sing a Beatles song (February is Oh! Darling month), cold shower, dry off with two large bath towels and one small towel, throw towels on the floor, light lemony cologne, underwear, shirt, socks, pants, shoes, double tie the laces, watch, kiss my Uncle Jimmy’s St. Genesius medal with B.C. Silver chain and place it around my neck, black jacket, 3 green picks in the right pocket, 3 Ricola sugar free lemon cough drops in the left pocket, iPhone on vibrate, wallet, keys, tune the guitar and play a Robert Johnson blues lick before putting it in it’s case, read the Bits & Pieces set list, read again, change the TV channel to CNN and turn the volume down, leave, check to see if the door’s locked, check again, aaaaaaaaand it’s show time.

Oh, and remind myself to call a physiatrist about my OCD.

Just finished a YouTube video for my Johnny Cash inspired tune, Mom Worked the Farm. Click on the title to view it. We had a blast recording it at the second name on the hat’s (Bob & Tom) backyard, with the talented NYU grad, Sam Griswold, directing.

Excess in Moderation and Reindeer Games are albums of mine from the mid-nineties. I finally got the record company’s permission to put both of these albums up on the iTunes Store. I was never really happy with the original Excess in Moderation cover so I begged my brother James for the piece of artwork I used. Not bad, eh? You can preview full songs in the Store section of the website.

Both of these albums were produced around the same time by Philly’s David Ivory and were a blast to record. We would switch from some of the darker material like Say It’s Alright, to more lighter fare like Let’s Put Christ Back In Christmas, without blinking an eye. In hindsight, the serious nature of 80% of Excess in Moderation was a little tough for some folks to take, seeing as I was a full-time comedian when it was recorded. However, Philadelphia Enquirer music critic Jonathan Takiff said this about the album… “It’s not easy to be both profound and funny, but Godwin does the trick often.” No, I didn’t pay him to say that (I had compromising photos).

Click on this, John, Paul, George, Ringo, And Me (with an intro by Sir Paul McCartney), for a free download of one of the more popular songs from Excess In Moderation. Paul was accidentally asked a question about me from the late-great Scott Muni on WNEW. I was working for their sister station at the time, WMMR, and we sent the question about me to Scott as an inside joke. He wasn’t supposed to ask it… oops!

I unearthed some video from my first year on the road, sometime around 1995, and posted 2 clips to my YouTube page. One of the songs, What Is That Thing? (The Aaron Neville Song) was played a lot on The Howard Stern Show at the time. Check out my crazy David Cassidy hair flipping out from under my baseball cap and my neophyte swagger.

As always you can go below to Audio Downloads or to the Store section for some free songs. My tune, “Cest La Vie”, just took 2nd place honors in the International Songwriting Competition, so you may want to have that on your iThingy!

You can listen to me every Wednesday at 9:45 AM on the 2 Guys Named Chris Show on Rock 92 in Greensboro, NC. Check their show out on the TuneIn app on your smartphone.

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